Hi! I'm Sonya

Welcome to Virtual Assisting Sonya’s Way. Where if it’s not done Sonya’s way then it’s not done the right way! What’s doing it the right way you ask? Virtual Assisting the right way means :

  • Listening to what my client’s goals are and coming up with a plan on how I can help you reach them
  • Having systems and processes in place so that my client can understand what’s going on
  • Providing weekly updates on projects
  • Being fast, friendly, and efficient!

If you are ready to work on your business and not have to be in your business, then please book a discovery call with me today! Let me take care of the backend process while you grow your business!

The Packages

General VA Packages

Email Management

Calendar Management

Data Entry

Customer Service

Payments and Invoicing

Travel Booking

Appointment booking


20 Hours Monthly= $800.00

30 Hours Monthly= $1200

40 Hours Monthly= $1400.00

** Hours Do Not Roll Over**

Social Media Packages

Facebook Page Management

                  Facebook Group Management 

                   Pinterest Board Creation 



                   5 posts/ week

                    800.00 Monthly

                   10 posts/week

                    $ 1600.00 Monthly

Handle My Business Package


Email Marketing

Click Up



Google Suite

Webinar Strategy 

Lead Magnet Creations

Email Management

Calendar Management

Data Entry

Customer  Service

Payments and Invoicing 

Travel  Booking

Appointment Booking

Facebook Page/Group Management

Pinterest Board Creation


70 hours per month

$ 3500/month

** Hours Do Not Roll Over**



VA Sonya's Way Pillars


I am committed to completing all projects on time . I am committed to help you reach all your business goals.


You can trust me with all your sensitive and personal information, You can trust that my work will be done to your expectations.


We are not afraid to take on challenges and to help your business be the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I am willing to discuss that. Please let me know what type of package will work for you the best.

Yes, I can. This is the beauty of having a virtual assistant. 

I will send an invoice and the payment is made  through PayPal.

Yes, a one month paid trial period is allowed. If we see that we are a good fit for each other, then a monthly retainer can be established.

Please see the my calendar at the bottom of the webpage.  You can book a discovery call directly with me!

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